Nude Cleansing Facial Oil

25 Apr

Nude Cleansing Facial Oil

Sweet goodness gracious, I have found an amazing facial cleanser. Seriously amazing.

Nude Cleansing Facial Oil is a product that I had heard rumblings about but had never been super interested in trying.  Using oil to clean myself?  I’ve heard of oil to moisturize but not to clean, excluding the time in seventh grade when I learned about Romans using oil and a stick to scrape dirt from their bodies.  But my curiosity got the best of me, and try it I did.

"Watch me turn this oil into milk!"

And how glad I am that I tried it.  To use, you warm a few pumps of oil in your hands and massage onto your dry face.  Watch with wonder as the oil removes every single bit of your eye makeup, and squeal with glee over the gentle and light floral scent (or don’t squeal – your call).  Add a tiny bit of water to your face and watch as the oil becomes what is apparently referred to as a “light milk”.  Basically, the oil will magically transform itself into a creamy cleanser.  You’ll feel like a word-class magician as you change oil into cleanser.  Then rinse with water! Your skin will be left feeling ridiculously soft and hydrated due to the Omega 3 and Vitamin E in the oil.  Many users have also reported that this oil helps balance skin and calm acne.  If the idea of cleansing your face with oil is terribly unappealing to you, you could try out Nude’s Cleansing Facial Wash.  If you are willing to give washing with oil a go, Nude Cleansing Facial Oil is a great gateway into the world of fabulously soft skin.


2 Responses to “Nude Cleansing Facial Oil”

  1. Lori April 26, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    My mom swears by this stuff!!! As soon as I can afford some, I am going to be all over it! Awesome review!!! ❤

    • margitmae April 27, 2012 at 8:22 am #

      It really is just that awesome – I love this stuff!

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