Weekend Update!

7 May

Happy Monday, lovely readers!

Did you have lovely and amazing weekends?  The weekend here in the Twin Cities was filled with rain, thunder, and lightning.  My plans included a weekend of camping with friends but, as I will still sick, I opted to stay home and warm out of the rain.  Evan still went out to meet our friends and camp so I had the entire apartment to myself.


Well, I had the apartment almost to myself.


I spent the weekend cleaning, cooking, watching copious episodes of Mad Men, and trying to calm the cat down.  See, when Evan leaves for a few days, Jolene spends her time either a) moping about and sleeping or b) trying to destroy the apartment in an act that seems to say “I will tear this whole place down if dad doesn’t come home!”.

When not dealing with the crazy cat, I spent some time making my new favorite meal.  It’s super easy to make.  I just stir fry some veggies in coconut oil, add sriracha and garlic, and splash a bit of apple cider vinegar in at the end.  Easy-peasy and super tasty.



A low key weekend was just what I needed to kick this cold to the curb.

What yummy food did you eat over the weekend?


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