shhh. shampoo | shower | shave bar

9 May

Lovely readers, I am SO excited to tell you about shhh.

shhh. is a grooming bar that is free of synthetics, preservatives, artificial fragrances and coloring (hooray!).  The brain child of Becky Sturm, founder and CEO of 3way beauty, the shhh. bar is a time and space saving beauty.  shhh. can be used for shampooing, shaving, and showering.  And, bonus – the packaging is 100% compostable and recyclable.

Upon hearing about this product, I knew that I had to try it.  shhh. can be purchased either in  lavender or citrus scent.  I went with citrus hoping the scent would help perk me up in the morning.  I also thought it would be perfect for my minimalist manpanion and had him test it out both at home and on a camping trip.   In his words, here is his review:

In the few short minutes I left myself to gear up for a backpacking weekend in the St. Croix river valley, my attention turned (very briefly) to cleanliness. The sample-sized cube of shhh. was more than I would need, but it was smaller and lighter weight than bringing an entire bar of something else and weight was going to be an important consideration since everything was to be carried on my back. I would also be carrying all the water I would need so I was pleased to find that shhh. lathers and rinses easily and cleanly in very little water. On Saturday my party hunted successfully for morel mushrooms that grow abundantly along the valley bluffs. We enjoyed a handful in the evening sauteed in oil, salt and pepper and packed the remaining shrooms with us to give to a few friends back home. After a long day hiking and 2.3 inches of rain dumping on us for over 48 hours, shhh. tallied-ho as a solid multi-tool good for face, hands and hair. My thickly bearded face came clean with ease and I slept like a baby despite the thunderstorms.

I also, of course, gave the bar a test run.  For shaving and showering, the bar is amazing.  It’s lathers quite well and leaves skin without that dry, tight feeling that some soaps seem to bring on.  It also works well for a get-the-job done kind of shampoo that (as Evan noted) lathers and rinses quite well.

Overall, shhh. is a fantastic product, especially for travel.  As I prepare for my summer expeditions, I’ll be glad to throw shhh. into my travel bag.

What are your favorite travel products?


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