Northern Holiday

31 Jul

Evan and I recently went on a trip to the Great White North to spend some time with his family.  

We split our time between the wilderness and the city.  We were able to spend a few days in a cabin, or as the Canadians would call it, a cottage. It was fantastic to spend time in both a quiet and peaceful wilderness as well as a bustling city with Evan’s brother Spencer, sister-in-law Gillian, and their two little bundles of sweetness who I will refer to as Kittens and Mittens.  What, you think I would come up with aliases that didn’t relate to felines?  Fat chance.  I could go on and on about the trip, but I’ll let photos do the talking.

We made sure that Mittens was hydrated with lots and lots of Mountain Dew.  I am, of course, kidding.  He did love the bottle for teething purposes.  Also, look at those eyes.  Just look at them and melt.  Okay, now stop looking so you can continue reading this post.

“You fools!  You thought I wanted Mountain Dew when all along I was trying to feast on delicious beer!” said Mittens.  OK, he didn’t say that.  Nor did he drink beer.  But he did knock the can out of Spencer’s hands and spill it all over which was, well, really funny.  For me.  Who was sitting across the room and escaped the beer explosion.

Speaking of drinks, Canada has come up with the perfect cottage drink.  It’s iced tea with beer in it.  I know, I know, it sounds gross.  You’ll just have to take my word that it was delicious.

Would you believe me if I told you that Canadians only use oversized remotes?

Before leaving the cabin, Evan and I gave Kittens a book to read on the car ride back to the city.  This is his serious and contemplative face, and not his angry face as I initially thought.  Thank goodness.

Prince!  What are you doing here?!?  Prince was playing everywhere we went.  And then we saw this poster.  And now I’m convinced that Prince is stalking me.

Ah, back to city and back to the civilized world where we can feast on fanciful delicacies like … poutine?  Yes, friends, poutine is tasty.  Fries, curds, gravy.  Eat it.  If you live in the Twin Cities, might I recommend satiating your poutine fix at the Strip Club Meat & Fish?

There it is – the fancy food.  We feasted on delicious bites from the sea at Rodney’s.  We ate lots and lots of oysters and were very happy people.

Except for when Gillian looked at the table next to ours and saw that a man on a date was, instead of talking to said date, playing a game on an iPad.  Gillian wanted to invite her over to our table for oysters.  I think Gillian looks like a sassy model in this photo.

We love oysters, yes we do!  We love oysters, how ’bout you?

Did I mention we went to a baseball game?  We did.  It was awesome.  It was hot.  It was baseball-y.

Kittens was impressed.  So impressed that he actually watched about twenty minutes of the game, which I think is pretty darn impressive for a little guy.

Kittens was naughty and tried to run away from his dad.  Until he got tired and plunked down on the sidewalk.  I should have looked stern and serious instead of busting out in giggles but, guys, look at the sign above him!

All in all, we had an amazing time and so enjoyed spending time with Spencer, Gillian, Kittens, and Mittens.  We can’t wait to visit again and see what sign the little guys will sit under next time.


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