Pretty Lady: Dayna

2 Aug

MargitMae is excited to bring you a feature called Pretty Lady! In each Pretty Lady, a MargitMae reader will share her favorite products that keep her lovely and healthy. If you would like to participate as a Pretty Lady (or Pretty Man!), please shoot us an e-mail – we’d love to hear from you!

Say hello to our newest Pretty Lady, Dayna!

Ladies and gents, meet the lovely Dayna.  This super lovely lady hails from the state of Minnesota but is currently living in Austin where she is studying Public Health Nursing at the University of Texas.  I met Dayna when I was in middle school though a mutual friend and immediately warmed to her bright, loving nature and gigantic, welcoming smile.  You know those people who say the most random and hilarious statements in the middle of a conversation?  The comments that leave you with tears streaming down your face  because you are laughing so hard?  That’s Dayna.  She is awesome.  When she’s not spending time studying Nursing she loves to bike, brew beer, and craft.  A natural beauty, Dayna is a great candidate for Pretty Lady.  In her own words, here are three of Dayna’s favorite products:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar It leaves you feels refreshed, and is good for the body both externally and internally.  I try to put it in salad dressing to make sure it is a part of my diet, and dilute it with water as a face wash.  It is a natural remedy for acne. I especially like how it makes my face tingle.
  • Aveda Mosscara  Organic mascara made with Icelandic moss. It goes on really smooth, and gives definition to the lashes without being chunky or too harsh.

There you have it!  Dayna’s top three for natural babe-ness.


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