My name is Ashley and I have a slight addiction to clean cosmetics, beauty products, and cats.  In my pursuit to live a cleaner lifestyle, I did my best to transform myself into a granola loving, patchouli scented, make-up free earth lover.  I ended up loving granola, but realized I hated patchouli (it makes me sneeze!) and that I love beauty products.  Love. Them.

So what was I to do?  Switch my wonderful yet chemically-laden beauty products to chemical free and clean products.  And guess what?  My skin is healthier, my face is happier, and I didn’t have to give up bright red lipstick.

I dig trying out new products and sharing results with friends, so I decided to extend my circle of friends to include you, dear reader.  And why the name MargitMae?  Margit is the name of my great grandmother – I never met her but heard stories of her tenacity, beauty, and kind nature from my grandmother, Alice.  And what was Alice’s middle name?  Mae.  I adored my grandmother and admired her grace, strength, and her ability to mutter sarcastic comments under her breath.  So welcome to my circle of friends, dear reader, and I hope you enjoy your stay at MargitMae.

P.S.  Did I mention I love cats?  I do.  An intermittent cat post might find it’s way onto MargitMae every now and then.  I apologize if you’re allergic.

P.P.S.  Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook, or send me an email!


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