Weekend Update

18 Jun

Happy Monday, beauties!  How was your weekend?


Mine was quite lovely.  I went to a friend’s housewarming party, saw my lovely friend Bully Jean and the Minnesota RollerGirls kick some tail, and went to the driving range with my pops for Father’s Day.  My weekend might have been a bit too jam packed as I came down with some sort of cold.  No fun!


The RollerGirls in action!


I also started my two week trial of the oil cleansing method — I’ll post an update after two weeks to let you know if my face is radiant and glowing or if it looks like a giant grease slick.

I had to sneak in some cuddle time with my new guy as well.  Cuddly cats sure make me feel better when I have a cold.


Sleepy Digby.


What awesome things did you do this weekend?


Friday Four!

15 Jun

Friday Four is a collection of (you guessed it) four interesting videos, photos, links, etc., that I hope get you pumped up for the weekend. 

Happy Friday, beauties!

Here they are, your Friday Four:

  • You know you want to watch this adorable video of a red panda wrestling with a pumpkin.  Don’t pretend like you don’t.

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Pretty Lady: Yasmine

14 Jun

MargitMae is excited to bring you a feature called Pretty Lady! In each Pretty Lady, a MargitMae reader will share her favorite products that keep her lovely and healthy. If you would like to participate as a Pretty Lady (or Pretty Man!), please shoot us an e-mail – we’d love to hear from you!

Say hello to our newest Pretty Lady, Yasmine!

Ladies and gents, meet the lovely Yasmine.  This Duluth-born beauty is soon-to-be pursuing her Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College in this small-town named New York City.  In addition to spending time simply being awesome,  Yasmine can also be found knitting, not eating gluten, and blogging about urban planning.  Yasmine and I both worked at a local coop that happens to have a sizable health and body care section, so I knew she’d have some lovely products to share with you.  In her own words, here are four of Yasmine’s top beauty secrets:

  • Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Frankly, I’m bad at make up. I’m bad at picking colors and I’m bad at putting it on, but this

    Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm will not give you this effect. Sorry, Robert Smith.

    stuff goes on like chap stick and gives a polished lip without making me feel like Robert Smith.

  • Argan Oil I have always struggled to control my very thick, wavy, coarse hair. In the winter it gets incredibly dry and in the summer gets frizzy. But if I apply a dime sized amount of argan oil to my wet hair, it becomes easy to work with, smooth, and retains its natural wave in a way that makes people think I did something fancy to myself.
There you have it!  Yasmine’s top four for staying healthy and beautiful.
Thank you, Yasmine!

Digby the Cat!

5 Jun

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the MargitMae family …


Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, known in his day-to-day life simply as Digby.


Digby the cat was adopted from Feline Rescue, Inc. in Saint Paul.  I highly recommend Feline Rescue, Inc. if you are looking to add a feline friend to your family.  They were wonderful in helping us find a cat that they thought would be a great companion for our resident queen bee, Jolene.  They also gave us some helpful information in adding a cat to our home; in addition, they gave us some food to help Digby transition into his new home.

Digby is a short haired, one-year old cat that was abandoned by his previous owners.  They left him in an apartment building where he was unfortunately chased around by children with brooms.  Due to his abuse, Digby is initially timid of people.  Within half an hour of coming home with us, however, he was purring like a mad man, rubbing his head under our chins, and jumping around in the bathroom sink.

There has only been a mild amount of hissing between Digby and Jolene through the door thus far.  Fingers crossed that they speedily become friends!

Weekend Update!

4 Jun

Happy Monday, lovely people!

MargitMae is back after a short hiatus caused by oh-so-exciting medical issues.  Did you all have a lovely weekend?  I sure did.

This weekend I went to the Minnesota RollerGirls Fan Loyalty Party.  As I attended all bouts this year, I was invited to this super fun party hosted at Surly Brewery.  The party included a tour of the brewery where I learned about how Surly came to be as well as about the brewing process.  I also got to drink plenty of free, tasty beer.  In addition, I received a gift bag which included some homemade soap – I’m excited to try it out and give you guys the scoop!

One of the highlights of the evening was spending some time with my friend, RollerGirl Bully Jean.  We may, however, have had a slight miscommunication about the tone of the above photo.

In addition to the party, Evan and I visited Feline Rescue, Inc. and played with some lovely kitties.  I may or may not have filled out adoption papers for another furry feline friend.  Keep your eyes open for a post with an update on the “To Kitty or Not To Kitty” saga.

What amazing things did you do this weekend?

Friday Four!

25 May

Friday Four is a collection of (you guessed it) four interesting videos, photos, links, etc., that I hope get you pumped up for the weekend. 

Happy Friday, beauties!

Here they are, your Friday Four:

  • Speaking of spring, this Spring Pea Hummus looks absolutely delicious, fresh, and bright.

  • This  NYT article on Elizabeth D. Herman’s photography project  “A Woman’s War” is well worth the read.  Herman photographs and interviews women about their wartime memories; take some time out of your day to check out this poignant project.

What are your plans for the weekend, readers?

Pretty Lady: Erin

24 May

MargitMae is excited to bring you a feature called Pretty Lady! In each Pretty Lady, a MargitMae reader will share her favorite products that keep her lovely and healthy. If you would like to participate as a Pretty Lady (or Pretty Man!), please shoot us an e-mail – we’d love to hear from you!

Say hello to our newest Pretty Lady, Erin!

Erin and her baby, Paisley.

Ladies and gents, meet the lovely Erin.  This Wisconsin born beauty has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and currently works as a Senior Scientist in the breezy city of San  Francisco.  When not spending time with her fiance, Tom, and her gorgeous feline friend, Paisley, Erin likes to spend her time planning her wedding, reading teen fiction on her Kindle, and engineering cool science projects with kids at the Lawrence Hall of Science.   She also happens to be a connoisseur of natural products.  In her own words, here are three of Erin’s top beauty secrets:

  • Bariani Olive Oil Company Face & Body Cream As a chemical engineer, I should love chemicals, right?  While I’m fond of them in the lab, I don’t love them on my body.  When I see an ingredient label with 35 things, I want to know what they are all doing and why they’re necessary.  My answer was to simplify and look for products with a few natural ingredients that made sense.  My favorite face and body lotion is Bariani Face & Body Lotion, which is sold just steps from my apartment at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market!   This lotion has only 3 ingredients (plus myrrh for the scented variety, which I highly recommend!)  Like a true engineer, I love to tinker, so naturally I asked, “How difficult could it be to just make this myself?” Answer: not very.  If you’re the tinkering type, try this simple recipe.  The best part is that it’s totally customizable!  Add your scent of choice, up the water to thin it out, or make a thicker lotion with more oil or beeswax.
  • The Oil Cleansing Method I’ve battled oily skin all of my life.  One day I had this crazy thought that maybe my constant need to exfoliate was not due to clogged pores, but dry skin.  I started using a heavy moisturizer, and to my surprise, it didn’t turn my face into a large grease ball; it actually made it LESS oily.  Looking into this phenomenon, I discovered the oil cleansing method.  The gist is this:  You never need to wash your face.  You just wipe it with oil, and it exchanges the fresh oil for the dirty oil on your face.  This prevents your face from drying out at the hands of harsh cleansers and thus lessens your face’s desire to produce oil to compensate for the dryness.  This method might not be for everyone, but it works amazingly well for me.  It even decreased the size of the gigantic pores on my nose!  I use a mixture of olive, jojoba, and castor oil.
  •  California Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash I have blonde hair that tended to get oily about 24 hours post-washing.  I was an avid dry shampoo user (the powdered kind, not the aerosol), and this allowed me to control the oil at my roots.  The rest of my hair, however, was quite dry and looked like it could use some hydration. I ended up going ‘low poo’ with California Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash.  This shampoo is sulfate-free, so it doesn’t dry out your scalp and hair.  After a few months of using it as my only hair product, I  can wait almost a week between washes with no sign of oil!  Being a minimalist, I love having only one product for my hair and knowing that it is not coating my golden locks in silicone (a common component of shampoos, conditioners, and all things ‘beauty’ related — look for ‘dimethicone’ on the ingredient list).  To add some shine and combat dryness, I massage coconut oil into my hair and shampoo the excess away.  You can leave it on overnight or for just an hour or so.  It smells delicious and actually helps repair your hair’s cuticle rather than just coating it.
There you have it!  Erin’s top three for staying healthy and beautiful.

Have you tried going ‘low poo’ or ‘no poo’?

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Day Creme

23 May

Ladies and gentleman, let me tell you about my new favorite moisturizer!



Burt’s Bees Beeswax Moisturizing Day Creme is my new go-to moisturizer.  My skin is soft and happy and ready for summer.  This creme contains a mix of beeswax and botanical oils that your skin will slurp right up.

I adore the gentle scent of this creme ; it makes me smile in the morning and at night.  Yes, I also use this creme at night as well even though the word ‘day’ is in the title.  But what I really love about the creme is its light texture; it is airy almost to the point of having a whipped consistency.  It’s silky smooth and spreads easily across the face.

The only drawback to this creme expressed in other reviews I’ve read is that some think it takes too long to absorb.  I quite like the fact that it doesn’t immediately absorb as it provides as great base for make-up and helps foundation spread evenly.  It also leaves my face feeling hydrated before I head to bed.  If you feel the creme is a bit too greasy or thick for you, feel free to add in a bit of water.

Another fantastic feature? The price point. A jar of Burt’s Bees Beeswax Moisturizing Day Creme costs only about $15.  The jar is also terribly cute and would serve well as a container for a homemade candle, for storing hair binders, or for storing a DIY concoction once you have used up the creme.  Emptying the jar might take a while, however, as very little of this creme is needed each day.

So give Burt’s Bees Beeswax Moisturizing Day Creme a go; it’s well worth the money.

Weekend Update!

21 May

Happy Monday, readers!

This weekend update will be rather brief as I’m currently dealing with medical issues that will most likely require surgery later this week; please forgive me if posts aren’t as consistent as usual.

The majority of the weekend was spent at home trying to make myself comfortable before the surgery.  The perk of the weekend was taking care of my friend’s cats, Ophelia and Nemo.

Ophelia, the sassy kitten.

Nemo, the snuggly kitten.

We also had quite the storm with large hail.  Here’s a photo of the view from our apartment, as well as my discovery that Evan’s drink matched my shirt.

It’s a match!

Hail storm!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you after my operation!

Saturday Four!

19 May

Friday Four is a collection of (you guessed it) four interesting videos, photos, links, etc., that I hope get you pumped up for the weekend.

Happy Saturday, lovelies! MargitMae normally publishes a list of four awesome things on Friday, but due to some ongoing health issues, this week’s Friday Four has become … Saturday Four!  Here are your four:

  • Are you an introvert?  Does the idea of networking tie your stomach in knots?  Check out these tips from Yes and Yes on Networking For Introverts.

Have a beautiful weekend, readers!